Saisonstart der Formula Blue in Grossbritanien. Start of Season in Great Britan.

S & B Automotive Academy Formula Blue Challenge Series
Round 1, at LLandow

Blue 02

Thomas Massarella (jun. blue)

Blue 04

Kevin Ford (Formula Blue)

Overcast weather greeted the competitors at round 1 , on the opening weekend of the National Kart Racing Association’s 2015 programme for the Junior Blue and Formula Blue Classes. As the day was to progress the weather would play a very important part in the overall results.
In the Junior Blue class, all 3 heats went to Jake Calvert, with Luke Lattimer taking 2nd in heats 1 & 3, Lee Chamberlain claiming 2nd in heat 2. No Surprise then to find Calvert on Pole for the Finals with Lattimer alongside him. The second row in the Final was filled by Taylor Waldron & Chamberlain.
Within Minutes before of the start of the Final, the slightest of drizzle started, but would it last….. Mitchell McLeod, Waldron and Thomas Massarella took the gamble and quickly changed to wet tyres. At the change of the start lights, to green, it quickly became apparent that they had made the right choice with wet tyres as they forged into an unassailable lead. The race unfolded with McLeod, still a novice, racing as if he’d been there for years ! Some distance behind the wet shod front three, Calvert was making the best of it whilst still on slick tyres.
At the end, McLeod won by a small margin from Waldron. However, there was a twist to the tale. At post race scrutineering, McLeod and Waldron were deemed to have contravened the ‘ rear of kart’ overall width regulation and they were both duly excluded. Massarella was promoted to Victory with Calvert and Chamberlain taking the next 2 places.
Overall Results
1st Jake Calvert 0 + 2 = 2 points
2nd Thomas Massarella 4 + 0 = 4 points
3rd Luke Lattimer 2 + 3 = 5 points
Chris Derrick took 2 heat wins with a 2nd in the other and stamped his authority on the meeting. The other heat winner was Ian Branfield who added 2nd and 3rd place finishes to his total. Martin Wheeler, the current ‘0’ plate Champion, scored 2nd, 3rd and 4th in the heats, with Duncan McLeod taking a 3rd and 2 x 4th place finishes.
That left Derrick on Pole with Branfield alongside. The second row filled by Wheeler and McLeod. Sam Dible and Matthew Parr made up the 3rd row.
The Formula Blue Final followed immediately after that of the younger competitors in the Junior Blue race. As already reported, the competitors who changed to wet tyres in the Junior Blue Final, raced away at the front, leaving the slick mounted drivers in their wake. As a consequence a handful of the Formula Blue drivers undertook an ultra-rapid change to wet tyres. Those who didn’t have their wet tyres on the grid, did not have enough help for a rapid change or thought that they could get away with it, stayed on slick tyres. What then happened became the reverse of the Junior Blue Final race. The drizzle stopped, though the track was still damp and slippery. From the start the wet tyred competitors held their own but only for a few laps until a dry racing line started to appear. As it did, the ‘slick’ drivers from the rear of the grid started to catch and then pass those drivers, who it turned out, had made a wrong choice on tyres. Branfield, on slicks, handled the still slippery conditions superbly, moving into an unchallenged lead followed by Kevin Ford. Rob Mortimore, having come off on the first lap was storming his way forward. Passing one or two each lap. With two laps to go and with Branfield well clear at the front, Ford was experiencing brake problems giving Parr a glimmer of hope. Parr did not disappoint, forcing Ford to brake late on the last bend. Ford, unable to stop promptly, went deep, Parr steered inside and took 2nd over the line. Just behind was Kate Crowther, (the highest placed of the ladies in Formula Blue) who only needed one more lap when Ford would, no doubt, have been on her list ! Mortimore finished a stunning race ending his charge in 5th spot. Chris Derrick leads the Master section with 8 points from Kevin Ford on 10 points. Ford, in turn shares the lead in the Veteran group with Duncan McLeod. Nigel Pritchard, (who travels down from Burnley) heads the Legend group with 19 points with Ron Shone next, on 24 points. Ian Branfield with the outright win is also placed in the lead of the Top weight section ahead of Duncan McLeod.
1st Ian Branfield 2 + 0 = 2 points
2nd Matthew Parr 6 + 2 = 8 points
3rd Chris Derrick 0 + 8 = 8 points


Blue 03

Martin Wheeler (Formula Blue)


Blue 01

Ian Branfield (Formula Blue)

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