Martin Wheeler siegt in Formula Blue auf Mansell Raceway. Nächste Station Buckmore Park.

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The NKRA Southern championship arrived at Mansell Raceway for Round 4 of the championship bringing a welcome boost to the grids and the prospect of some exciting racing with the return of the Formula Blue classes for the second month in a row.
In the Junior Blue class, Taylor Waldron took first blood to boost his championship hopes keeping the current leader, Luke Lattimer in second. Novice driver, Oliver Massarella, was putting in a strong drive to finish third ahead of fellow novice, Jordan Elcock. Heat 2 and Lattimer was back on top with Waldron having to settle for second place. Massarella continued to dominate the battle of the novices leading Elcock home for the second time. In heat 3 and it was that man, Lattimer again showing the rest how it was done and why he is leading the championship. Massarella had a storming drive to take second in class after Waldron suffered a mechanical failure and stopped on lap 7. Elcock was happy to take third in class.
In the final Lattimer continued his dominance of the class to take the win from Waldron, Massarella made it 4 from 4 in the battle between the two novices with Elcock settling for fourth but still getting some valuable points.
Last out were the big boys and from the off the usual protagonists were out to make their mark. Straight out the starting blocks were Duncan McLeod, Martin Wheeler , Ian Branfield and Chris Derrick. No quarter was asked and none given as McLeod and Wheeler quickly set about getting to the front with both drivers swapping the lead until a Mcleod was victim to a robust move going into the complex by Branfield which dropped both drivers down the order and allowed Wheeler to get out front and take the win. Chris Derrick also benefitted as well to take second with Branfield and McLeod salvaging third and fourth respectively. In heat 2 it was that man Wheeler out front again as he traded the lead with Branfield who was on fresh rears having suffered from disintegrating tyres in heat one. Wheeler waited until the last lap to spring his trap and battled past Branfield to take the win. Branfield was second with McLeod third and Derrick fourth. Heat 3 and it was Branfields time to shine as he battled from 5th on the grid to take the lead from McLeod on lap 5. Behind them Wheeler was carving his way through the field but had to settle for third as the clocked ticked down to zero.
With Wheeler on pole for the final and Mcleod next to him it was a case of who blinks first going into the first corner. Wheeler kept his eyes wide open and came out in the lead with Mcleod slotting in behind him. Branfield kept a watching brief before challenging McLeod for second place which he took on lap 10 as his tyres came on and he then set about reeling Wheeler in. It only took another 3 laps for him to catch and pass Wheeler, who, with a lap to go, had no answer to Branfields pace. Branfield crossed the line ahead of Wheeler, with Mcleod in third. However, the drama didn’t stop there as both Branfield and Mcleod were stripped of their positions after failing scrutineering checks. This elevated Wheeler to first and a surprised Derrick to second. Kevin Ford was promoted to third.
All in all it was a great weekends racing for the NKRA drivers and if proof was needed as to why this is an exciting championship to be part of then it was on show at Mansell Raceway. With the next round being held at Buckmore Park, it will certainly be a shorter journey for at least a few drivers !

1 Luke Lattimer 0 pts
2 Taylor Waldron 4 pts
1 Martin Wheeler 0 pts
2 Chris Derrick 6 pts
3= Russell O’Neill 10 pts
3= Matt Parr 10 pts
1 Chris Derrick 10 pts
2 Kevin Ford 11 pts
3 Rob Mortimore 15 pts
1 Kevin Ford 11 pts
2 David Goode 17 pts
1 David Goode 17 pts

1 Rob Mortimore 15 pts
2 Ron Shone 21 pts

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